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pledgePlease note: These job descriptions were composed for medium to large sized outreaches with Impact World Tour. For smaller events not all positions or simplified procedures might be required, please apply common sense in determining the needs for your community.

From among the original key contacts a steering committee is formed. This Leadership Team should begin the process of sharing the vision, initiating prayer, fundraising, and set up. One of their key roles is to develop the Executive Committee as soon as possible 

The major responsibilities and needed personal characteristics of each role in the Executive Committee are listed below. Consider these carefully, as well as the individual’s capacity to have broad influence and lead a community judiciously. There may also be time constraints to consider.

Prayerfully put together a list of suggested names, and together with the YWAM Coordinator, determine how the individual should be approached with the invitation.

The Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will give leadership to the campaign process. It should be made up of a wide representation of churches and denominations, including lay and business people as well as clergy. A broad range of leadership produces broad participation.

The Executive Committee is a working committee that will meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to pray, review committee reports, monitor the progress of campaign preparations and fundraising, and oversee the current calendar and special events. Responsibilities go beyond meetings. It will involve day-to-day oversight of the campaign preparations. The Executive Committee and the YWAM Coordinator will work in cooperation toward a common goal, using the standard Impact World Tour strategies, with direction from YWAM Campaigns.

The Chairperson of the Impact World Tour Executive Committee is a vital link to what God wants to do in a city. He or she must have a burden for the city and have a desire to do “whatever it takes” to win the lost to Christ. The following suggestions will help in understanding the mission and a basic leadership philosophy for the campaign.

Beginning Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

Because the Executive Committee must lead by example it is imperative to take the following steps at the earliest possible time.
  • Completely fill out the Church Participation Form and turn it into the IWT Coordinator.
  • Personally contact other churches to invite their participation in the Impact World Tour.
  • Schedule a Church Kick-Off in their home Church to create vision, recruit committee workers and raise funds.
  • Consider making an early phase financial contribution.

Prior to the First Executive Committee Meeting

  • Start by beginning to understand your job description and responsibilities.
  • Spend time with your IWT coordinator initially and on a regular basis. This will help develop the big picture.
  • Go over the IWT Manual. This will begin to give you basic knowledge of all the Teams. Note: Don’t become overwhelmed by all the jobs and details. It is not necessary at this stage to have more than a general knowledge of IWT. As you work with your IWT coordinator it will all become clear.
  • IWT needs your influence in all events and areas.

Chairperson’s Tips for Successful Meetings

The First Executive Committee Meeting
A meeting of the Executive Committee should be organized as soon as possible to implement the protocol and operating procedures of the committee. At the meeting describe the different roles in the Executive Committee and how they fit into the big picture. Pay special attention to the roles of the Logistics Team Leader, Executive Secretary and IWT Coordinator, and how each one can benefit the flow of the campaign set-up.
The desired operating style of an Impact World Tour Executive Committee is a blend of pastoral oversight with a strong sense of business management.

First Meeting

  • Inventory who is presently on your Committee.
  • List people yet needed by category (structure).
  • Brainstorm on possible people to recruit; identify by church they attend.
  • Decide which of your group members will approach each of these people.
  • Put together a timeline for the recruiting to be accomplished.
  • Set date for next meeting.


To Recruit Potential Committee Members

  • Explain Impact World Tour using advertising materials.
  • Share your own excitement and commitment.
  • Explain the function of your Committee.
  • Define needs on the Committee
  • Ask them to be on the Committee.
  • Explain more of their responsibilities.
  • Give the date of the next meeting.
  • Ask them to help in recruiting (references.)

Hold Regular Committee Meetings

Meet as often as necessary for follow-up and communication with your Committee. This may need to be done on a weekly basis.
Before each Executive Committee meeting:
  • The Executive Secretary or designated person should make reminder calls or emails two days before the meeting.
  • All committee members should submit agenda items to the Executive Secretary one week before the meeting. Any items not submitted and/or approved by the Executive Chairperson can be deferred to the next meeting.
  • The Executive Secretary, Executive Chairperson and IWT Coordinator will create an agenda and e-mail it to each member prior to the meeting. If the meeting has been called on short notice, the agenda will be distributed at the meeting.
  • Committees write reports to the Logistics Team Leader prior to meetings.

At each meeting:

  • Start on time. This will encourage committee members to arrive promptly.
  • Minutes of the meetings are recorded by the Executive Secretary.
  • Open with prayer.
  • Give progress report of the overall IWT to keep vision fresh.
  • Have an agenda prepared to keep the meeting alive and on track.
  • Brainstorm for creative ideas for your committee. Set goals, plan your strategy toward them, and establish a timeline for achieving them.
  • Track progress according to timeline.
  • Give reports and get feedback from committee members.
  • Gather and record questions to bring to the IWT Coordinator.
  • Assign projects to the appropriate committee members as needed.
  • Set date & location for next meeting.
  • Keep the meeting as brief as possible, and end on time so those with other commitments can leave. A fellowship time afterwards is a good idea.

After the meeting

  • Follow up with a written report and/or phone call(s) to those who were absent to keep them informed of new developments.
  • Once the secretary writes out the minutes, the Executive Chairperson and the IWT coordinator sign off the minutes. The minutes will then be distributed to all members of the Executive Committee.
  • Forward a copy of the minutes to the IWT office


  • Be in regular communication with the Logistics Team Leader and IWT Coordinator.
  • Prepare brief written updates for the Executive Committee.

Keys to Identify Specific Action Steps

  • Be proactive, know the specific time lines for a committee, and insist on accountability. Have members report on results.
  • Keep positive, particularly when something isn’t going as expected.
  • Delegate tasks to people or committees. Ensure that they understand what they are to do and when the task should be completed.
  • The status of assigned tasks should be reported at the next meeting.
  • Place urgency on all action steps decided at the meeting so all members understand the importance of follow through.

Spreading the Vision

In the first months of preparing for the Impact World Tour to come to your city, you will hold a number of meetings with pastors, businessmen and leaders in your community to build awareness of the Impact World Tour campaign region-wide. The goal is to get the word out to as many as possible, with a strategic initial focus on those with various areas of influence. We rely on you for the set up of these meetings, and on your existing relationships for the invitation lists. The IWT Coordinator will guide you through this process.

Initial Presentation Meetings

Strongly promoted presentation meetings will ensure that the vision is spread and offer opportunities for early involvement and endorsement.
Set dates, times, locations and speakers for a number of initial Presentation Meetings in various locations in the city.

Invitations – Develop List
Meet together to gather a list of names. Determine the areas and level of influence.
Make a master list of all the churches in the region using a phone book, the chamber of commerce, or an existing church directory. Each Executive Committee member should be delegated a portion of the list, based on their relationship to the church or pastor. Determine which meetings the IWT Coordinator should make a presentation in.

Send a letter from the Executive Committee with brief information and invite them to a presentation meeting. List an RSVP contact number and date. A local person of influence and/or the Steering or Executive Committee should sign the letter.

Invite and confirm speaker (must be approved by YWAM Campaigns). Provide schedule, hospitality details, etc. far in advance of the meeting date.

Please ask local church to provide a server and simple refreshments for the meeting.

Confirmation of attendance
In advance of the meeting, make pleasant reminder phone-calls to those who have made a reservation. Call the others with a special verbal invitation to the meeting. If they are unable to attend, offer another date/time or set up individual appointment.

Please make sure the following equipment is available, set up and checked in advance of the meeting:
  • Video Projector
  • Video Screen or blank wall
  • Promo Video/CD/DVD
  • Pastor’s packs and DVD’s are available through your Impact World Tour coordinator, which explain the entire process in a presentation form. Because of the cost, please use discretion in distributing these promotional materials.

The Day of the Meeting
  • Check set-up, equipment, and other technical requirements.
  • Make sure materials are available and accessible.

Ongoing One-to-One Meetings
  • Send a letter from the Executive Committee
  • Follow the letter up with a phone call to set up an appointment for a meeting with the pastor.
  • At the meeting, the Executive Committee member should present the goal and vision of the Impact World Tour, inviting the pastor and his Church to participate.
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