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Team Xtreme International

Team Xtreme
is a group of world class athletes, conditioning experts and power lifters with a concern for today's young generations. While showing their strength, Team Xtreme has confronted life's tough issues head on. From their experiences, they offer insights and motivate people of all ages to excel at everything and build themselves up in every way.

Team Xtreme uses their tremendous physical size and natural abilities in sports to talk straight with youth and many who would normally never attend a Christian gathering. They speak with them about some of the hard choices they face in their lives, urging them to stay away from drugs and alcohol. They stand up against the stream of voices selling destructive life-styles, and encourage to live honestly and morally.

Some of the strongest athletes in the world take on some of the toughest elements. Steel. Brick. Chains. Xtreme athletes in Xtreme circumstances.

    Xtreme Power

    Xtreme Soccer

    Xtreme Basketball

    Xtreme Martial Arts

This is Team Xtreme. Their strength will surprise you, but their courage will amaze you. The athletes of Team Xtreme aren't afraid to tackle the tough stuff in life, whether it be a metal bar or a difficult choice. They bust through bricks while encouraging their audience to shatter barriers in their lives.
You won't believe your eyes as you behold the sheer power of this talented group of individuals. Their leader, Kevin Stark, got his start as an athletic trainer at the University of New Mexico. Now he and the Team travel internationally leaving audiences spellbound. A Team member from the Kingdom of Tonga can grip his hands together so tightly that not even 30 people on each side have been able to pull his grip apart. "No one has been able to break his grip yet," notes Stark. "Who knows? Maybe the next place will break him." Want to find out? Come on down. It's muscle and talent with a message: Team Xtreme.


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