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What is the Impact World Tour

Impact World Tour provides opportunity and focus

  Dr. Billy Graham   “We all rejoice in the way God has blessed this organization (YWAM) in reaching people all over the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work. You have my support and my prayers.”
God’s people have opportunity to come together and seek the Lord for the welfare of their community and the salvation of their family and friends. It provides an effective and relevant means for the local church to express Christ’s message. Using international performing arts, sporting and musical groups in campaign style evangelism, Impact World Tour provides a focal point for evangelism in regions throughout the world.

Impact World Tour has three phases:

A successful campaign is built on complete spiritual, as well as organizational preparation.
Language, gender, age and values are important elements of culture. To effectively reach people, we must minister cross-culturally. The IWT presents the Gospel in 21st century relevant ways, using elements of the culture itself to deliver the message of Jesus.
Discipleship is the one word that best describes phase three. We aim to disciple on three levels: one-on-one, in small groups and neighborhood fellowships.

Impact World Tour is not an event – it’s a movement!

The exciting prayer strategies, the maximised involvement of local Christians in planning and preparations, the seminars on personal training and revival, the encouragement and facilitation of personal friendship evangelism or workshops on discipleship and the comprehensive follow-up program, all work together to bring forth lasting fruit. It’s a process that aims to make an impact on your life, church and community.

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